Petter Northug announces Red Bull Janteloppet

Both the world’s elite cross-country skiers and and 3000 amateur skiers stand together at the start when the first edition of Petter Northug’s own signature ski race Red Bull Janteloppet is arranged in Hafjell, Norway on April 12-13 2019.

Mosetertoppen ski arena in Hafjell will host the first ever Red Bull Janteloppet, when Petter Northug in cooperation with organizing club Øyer Tretten IF arrange a ski festival the first Easter weekend in 2019. With many of the world’s best cross-country skiers and 3000 amateur skiers coming to Hafjell, the Norwegian cross-country legend wants to create a real ski party for both participants and spectators, with a 100m super sprint competition on the Friday and the 30k mass start on the Saturday. In addition, when the participants cross the finish line, a massive after ski is waiting for them with famous live artists and entertainment.

“I hope it will be a proper ski party with many of biggest rivals from Norway and from abroad. In addition, we have 3000 spots for amateur skiers who are all welcome to challenge the elite skiers,” Northug says.

XC LEGEND: Petter Northug creates his own ski race. Photo: Frode Sandbech

Which elite skiers who will join Northug on the start line is still to be confirmed. But Northug is in the process of inviting skiers and he hopes to announce the biggest names very soon.


A unique 30k course designed by Northug himself

Northug has designed a challenging and unique 30k course where the cross-country skiers among other things have to take on pump tracks, banked curves and where they have to choose between different paths depending on how brave or thrill seeking they are.

“Of course, designing the course myself gives me an advantage in the race, and I can promise some challenges in the course where you have to think quick and make some important choices,” Northug explains.

100m supersprint

The night before, Friday April 12,  will also be action packed. Then, several of the elite world cup skiers will face up against pure 100 meter supersprinters, in addition to the amateur skiers who manage to advance from the qualifier.

“We have seen how cross-country has changed the last ten years, we have seen the evolution of pure sprinters and we also now see pure 100m cross-country sprinters who focus solely on that. Two Winter Olympics into the future this might be an Olympic competition, so I believe we are showing foresight including supersprint in the festival. This is speed and entertainment, and people should not miss this. You will see raw power on cross-country skis” Northug says.

THE WORLD’S FASTEST: Ludvig ‘Ludde’ Søgnen Jensen, the world’s fastest cross-country supersprinter. Photo: Kim Bye


One of those who has to be considered among the favorites is supersprinter Ludvig ’Ludde’ Søgnen Jensen, who won the season opener in Sweden last weekend. ’Ludde’ has beat both Northug and Johannes Klæbo in 100m supersprint previously, and Northug believes the world cup sprinters will have a hard time in the supersprint competition.

“Yes, I believe that probably there is only one man in the FIS World Cup who can challenge ‘Ludde’, and that is Johannes Klæbo. The rest will get beaten. These are pure sprinters, these guys don’t have many long training trips lasting more than an hour, they are closely watching and taking care of their fast and explosive muscle fibers. So, it goes without saying that they possess an incredible speed and a unique technique when they compete in these 100m competitions. It is fascinating to watch. I have tried it and I got beaten badly, but it is open for everyone to try to qualify and challenge the best sprinters,” Northug encourages.


Gives back to cross-country clubs and the environment 

Red Bull Janteloppet – in cooperation with Swix – makes it easier for participants to make environmental friendly and sustainable choices. Swix will prepare the skis of all participants with fluor free glider during the bib number pickup.

Swix will also have ski pole service stations positioned at all track elements and challenges, offering new poles to those who should be so unfortunate as to fall and break their equipment.