12. – 13. APRIL

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  • Secure a spot in Petter Northug’s Red Bull Janteloppet

    Petter Northug invites both the world’s best skiers and recreational skiers to a two day ski festival on Hafjell April 12-13 2019. Secure a spot in the 30k Red Bull Janteloppet mass start – only 3000 available spots! Have you got an abundance of fast muscle fibers? Sign also up for the 100m supersprint competition.

  • Secure a spot in Petter Northug’s Red Bull Janteloppet
  • Petter Northug invites to a unique competition

    Northug will take on the world’s elite and 3000 amateur skiers in a unique 30k course he has designed himself, where the participants among other things have to take on pump tracks and banked curves.

    “Of course, designing the course myself gives me an advantage in the race, and I can promise some challenges in the course,” Northug explains.

  • Petter Northug invites to a unique competition


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    Verdens raskeste langrennsløper til Janteloppet

    Ludvig «Ludde» Søgnen Jensen vil se 100-meter sprint som OL-gren og vinne alle supersprintene han deltar i. Verdenseliten og 3000 mosjonister står på startstreken når Petter Northugs eget turrenn Red Bull Janteloppet går av stabelen for første gang på Hafjell 12.-13. april 2019. Det blir både en unik 30-kilometer som Northug har designet selv, og en […] Read article

    By 2018-12-05 19:20

  • Take on a challenge that is both tough and scenic. The 220km’s long race stretches across beautiful winter landscapes along Luleälven.

  • A race with historical background. Nordenskiöldsloppet follows the original track from 1884 as close as possible, you’ll almost ski in Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuord’s tracks.

  • 500 tough skiers will be standing on the starting line and heading off together. Can anyone of them be faster than the record of 21 hours and 22 minutes?