Elite men: from 16 years
Elite women: from 16 years
Price: 540 NOK

Men amateur: from 16 years
Women amaterur: from 16 years

Price: 540 NOK

One-time license

Elite 150,- NOK
Amateur 60,- NOK


100m Sprint

Maximum of 540 participants
– 351 men
– 189 women

Price 250,- NOK

Plus license (150,- NOK)


All you need to know

Race rules

The Norwegian Skifererations rules for country competitions counts for Janteloppet.
You can find the Norwegian Skifederations rules regarding ski poles here.
All sign ups are binding, if you cancel the entry fee will not be refunded regardless of the cause for the cancellation (disease etc)
Contestants that are not following the race rules may be disqualified.



Ordinaty registration ends wensday 10th of april at 12:00 CET. Dette danner grunnlag for seeding.
Post-registrations will open friday 10th of april 9:00 CET. Post-registrations are open until racing day at 10:00 CET.
This happens on


Skiing insurance/skiing license

Contestants responsibility. One-time insurance costs 150,- (elite), 60,- (amateur). Bought during registration. If you have full-year insurance you can see past this.



Time and place for extradition of start number will be announced later.
All participants are obligated to wear visible race number placed on their chest through the entire race. It is not allowed to cover up the race number.
It is important that you start with your own race number/own identity due to safety.


Time tracking

All participants will receive a tracking chip. Own chips are not possible.
16.15: start, women/men +amateur.


Race office

Race office will be announced later

Protest deadline

A protest have to be present within 15 minutes after the three first from each class have finished.
The protest have to be written and a fee of kr 500,- have to be paid once the protest is delivered to the race office.



Lockout will be announced later


Cancelled participation

If you have to cancel during the race it is important that you report this in order for us to remove you from the competition, and know that you are safe. Inform the closest functionary, or send an sms to 416 36 850


Food/drinking station

Food and drinks will be served at the drinking station and by start and finishline.
At the stations there will be served Red Bull enegydrink, water, fruit etc.



There are several parking options on Mosertoppen. Parking fee is kr 50,-. Paid on the respective parking spot with cash or vipps.


The race takes place in the mountains therefor weather can easily change. We recommend participants  to check the weather forecast and dress thereafter. Bring extra clothes if necessary.


Lower temperature limit

Kuldegrense for Hafjell Ski Marathon is -25℃


Weather and race conditions

If the race jury is considering it to be irresponsible to let the participants to compleete the race, the organizer has the full authority to interrupt/cancel or postpone the race or start-time on short notice.
If necessary, new tracks can be created with scooter during the arrangement.


If the arrangement is cancelled before race day the organizer has authority to keep 100% of the entry fee to cover expenses.
If the arrangement have to:
– Move to a different location on the same date
– Cancelled in order to compleete in a different date
– Move to a different location on a new date

The participants for the original date that´s not attending can not claim any refund of the entry fee.

If cancellation on race day due to sudden weather-/climate conditions or any other “force majeure”, the organizer keeps the entry fee.

Transport, accommodation cost etc will not be refunded if the arrangement is cancelled.



Lets keep the environment clean.
Please do not throw garbage in the racing track. Bring garbage to the closest food and drinking station.